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Dec 07, 2022

Back in 2002, Petrosoft‘s forward-thinking founder, a chain retail operator and engineer, developed his own cloud-based back-office software solution. Fast forward to today, Petrosoft stands as a leading SaaS company that masterfully designs, develops, and markets a comprehensive C-store technology. This ingenious solution enables a flawless integration between vendors, point-of-sale, food service, back-office, network, analytics, and financial systems.

Operating from its Pittsburgh-based headquarters, Petrosoft proudly partners with top global companies like SAP, IBM, Intel, Brother, Tableau, NCR, and Verifone to support its innovative products. By selecting Webvizio as their preferred platform for team communication and project collaboration, Petrosoft management showcases their commitment to excellence. Michael Munz, Digital Marketing Manager at Petrosoft, graciously shared some of his rewarding experiences with Webvizio thus far.

Why Petrosoft Needed Webvizio?

Besides the headquarters, most Petrosoft employees work remotely from all around the world. The company has a small but mighty marketing department where the time means a lot for productivity. 

The digital marketing department is managed from Pittsburgh, but most of the team works remotely – front and back end developers, content writers & manager, designers.  

In addition, the company has multiple web properties (corporate website, product pages, campaign landing pages, self-serve customer portals) that have to be managed and updated on a regular basis.

“We were dealing with a major headache trying to make sense of all the chaos from multiple messengers, disorganized folders, and confusing messages. But those days are gone now thanks to Webvizio!”

Michael Munz Digital Marketing Manager at Petrosoft

How Webvizio Helped?

Before Webvizio Pertosoft’s team had to use a vast stack of tools and communications channels to enable  the team to collaborate sufficiently. They used a separate screenshots tool, mobile preview tools, 3-d party planners, emails, corporate messengers, and quite a lot of conference calls.

Webvizio came in very helpful as a singe centralized way to store all project-related correspondence, track progress, manage tasks and deadlines, and leave visual feedback on the actual live websites. Plus provided a neat dashboard to manage those separate web properties and their responsible teams separately in a well-organized way .

What Has Changed Using Webvizio For Project Management And Bug Tracking Compared To The Old Way?

After Webvizio, the entire process became so much easier — the entire team stays on the same page, everybody knows which  website and particular page they need to work on, in what order,  which element has to be changed, and what exactly needs to be  done.

Since starting using Webvizio, Petrosoft teams have saved an enormous amount of time and helped them to reach higher productivity standards.

“Finally, we’re all synced! We can now visualize every modification on the live web page, pin our feedback to the specific elements needing attention and tag the responsible party who gets notified about it. This made our landing page creation process so much easier!”

Michael Munz Digital Marketing Manager at Petrosoft