• 25% time saved
  • 5 web projects
  • 70+ tasks completed


2 min
May 12, 2022

About Rampiq

Rampiq is a digital marketing agency serving B2B and SaaS clients. As a part of their services package, Rampiq offers website prototyping and often works with their clients’ teams on website pages design updates. They were interested in exploring new methods and tools to streamline their internal web development/design processes.

Rampiq was one of the first beta users at Webvizio and used the platform extensively to manage a few important web design projects.

How Rampiq used Webvizio

Rampiq onboarded its team of digital marketing specialists and managers onto the Webvizio platform and initiated the first projects with its clients. They invited clients’ representatives and also contractors from fellow agencies to collaborate on website revamp and new section design projects.

Each team member was assigned tasks with respect to the role in the team within the platform, whilst the project manager oversaw task statuses and the progress on the projects. 

“The onboarding process was a breeze. Webvizio offers a very intuitive way to mark up comments and ask questions to both the client and the designer. It’s amazing how this tool helps to structure our communication and speeds up the process.”

Liudmila CEO at Rampiq

Webvizio Benefits 

Rampiq reported a whopping 25% of time saved on communication between the client and the design teams since they started using Webvizio to manage the website design changes for their clients.

Key takeaways for Rampiq

  • Time spent on bug ticket management by 75%
  • Average time required for UAT setup/onboarding by over 80%
  • UAT onboarding materials decreased down to one intro doc + singular training session if required

“What’s also really important is that the quick turnaround time for our projects didn’t negatively affect the delivery quality. We had slight concerns about how the integration of a new tool can hamper our performance levels, but that never happened. Webvizio is really easy to utilize.”