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  • ~ 17 hours saved per project
  • 20% higher satisfaction rate
  • Improved project accuracy

Shape Society Saves Time & Grows The Business with Webvizio

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May 15, 2023

About Chris LaCroix and the Shape Society

Chris LaCroix is the founder and creative director of Shape Society, an award-winning web and design agency based in Omaha, US. The agency specializes in creating beautiful and responsive websites, as well as providing a wide range of design services such as branding, print design, and more.

How Shape Society utilizes Webvizio

Before using Webvizio, Shape Society’s process for managing website collaboration with clients was chaotic and time-consuming. The team was using a combination of Word documents, screenshots, project management software, and email communication, which was inefficient and frustrating for both the team and their clients.

Since implementing Webvizio, the Shape Society agency has been able to streamline its workflows and simplify communication with clients. The platform’s intuitive interface allows clients to easily submit tasks and revisions directly on the website, saving time and reducing the need for long email threads and annotations.

“It has helped me grow and allowed me opportunities to partner with other marketing agencies in town. It also just makes the process SO MUCH EASIER to make revisions!”

Chris LaCroix

Webvizio Benefits 

Webvizio has provided the Shape Society team with a range of benefits that have helped them to grow their business and elevate their brand. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved communication: With Webvizio, communication with clients is simplified and streamlined, making it easier to manage multiple projects and collaborate with clients in real time.
  • Increased efficiency: Webvizio’s platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which has significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage website collaboration projects.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction: By providing clients with a user-friendly platform that simplifies the collaboration process, Shape Society has been able to increase client satisfaction and foster better relationships with their clients and other marketing agencies.

Key Takeaways for Shape Society

By utilizing Webvizio’s amazing capabilities, the Shape Society team has been able to streamline their workflow, simplify communication with clients, and improve their overall efficiency. With the platform’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design, the agency has been able to provide its clients with an exceptional experience that has helped them to grow their business and elevate their brand.

  • Saved about 17 hours on average per project
  • Increased client satisfaction by 20%
  • Improved project accuracy by 15%

“I’m saving a ton of time on typing and annotating on screenshots like a caveman!”

Chris LaCroix