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Free collaboration tool for freelancers & small teams.
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  • Unlimited feedback on sites, images, PDFs, and PSDs files
  • Work in multiple tabs within one project
  • Task assignments and team management
  • Task statuses and deadlines
  • Video Feedback (new)
  • Productivity reports & activity logs
  • Work in multiple accounts from the one dashboard
  • Chrome extension (new) to work with apps


Unlimited features, team management & productivity reports for larger teams.
$8 per user / month

    Everything in free and more:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Advanced roles & permission levels
  • Extended storage and files size >250Mb
  • Integrations (Trello, ClickUp & more are on the way)
  • Teams productivity dashboard (coming soon)
  • Custom branding (coming soon)
  • Priority support ❤️

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You can start anytime: all it takes is a simple sign up form, and you can start exploring Webvizio! The FREE FOREVER plan is selected by default upon signing up, so you can enjoy your free Webvizio until you are ready to grow your team and upgrade to a paid plan.

The Free Forever plan allows for up to 3 projects, and has 1 manager seat (Account Owner) included. You can always opt in for more manager seats and projects by moving to a paid plan (Unlimited).

You can add (or remove) users anytime, on a “per user” pricing model. In the Unlimited plan you’ll be charged a prorated fee for adding new users.

No, you can include unlimited web pages within the same project. Every new page/screen on the same domain will open a new page tab in your project.

Manager seats effectively mean the amount of users you can assign with manager’s roles and permissions, for example: To manage projects and tasks, assign tasks to other users, have access to project status reports, change deadlines for tasks, invite new users to a project etc.

Webvizio was built for teamwork, collaboration on web projects and project management, so it was designed to fit a variety of different user roles:

– Account Owner

An account owner is the one who signs up to the platform and creates the account. The account owner can be a particular website owner or representative, or manage a few different projects in parallel.

– Project Manager

A project manager is a person responsible for a particular project/projects and is responsible to oversee and track the project progress and team performance.

– Assignee

Assignee is a project executor who is usually getting invited to a project (and platform) and assigned with some tasks to perform.

– Viewer

This role may fit for an indirect supervisor, or a third party consultant. A Viewer is someone who’s not actively involved in the project execution, but has access to overview the project progress and provide feedback to the team.

– Guest

A Guest can be a third party contributor or a client who’s not actively involved in the project execution and is only invited for a one-time contribution, to view some parts or the project and share some feedback with the team.

Read more about roles & permissions in the Quick Start Guide”

Anyone can sign up as an individual or as a team and get a Webvizio account. If you’re created your own account that’s your own workspace, and you are the account owner, meaning you can created new projects, invite new users etc. You also be invited as a user and work on projects withwin other people workspaces, or accounts owned by other users.

Absolutely! No need to leave Webvizio to work with collateral materials related to your web project. You can add to your web project PNG/JPG/JPEG images, PSD design files, and PDF documents under separate tabs.

Yes, Webvizio paid plan offers a list of people’s favourite intergrations and we are constantly working on growing this list bigger.
The current integrations include:

  • Trello
  • Jira
  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp

Learn more on the Integrations page.

Yes, by default you and your team will be notified about any project updates by email, even with the free plan. Webvizio paid plan offers a number of the most popular messenger integrations, so you and your team can get instant push notifications in your favourite channel.

Learn more on the Integrations page.

The file attachment size limits are 2Mb per file in a free version, or 25Mb per file in a paid version.

The tasks it self – forever. Screenshots – Free plan – 30 days, Unlimited plan – 160 days.

We accept all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club. If you have a different credit card type, please contact us for more information.