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  • ~ 50 hours saved per project
  • Multiple web projects
  • 200+ tasks completed

Lena Forrey

2 min
Dec 06, 2022

About Lena Forrey, Inc

Lena Forrey is a digital marketing & web design agency helping customers build modern and effective websites with sales funnels. Lena and her small team specialize in creating websites for health and wellness professionals, service providers, and entrepreneurs getting ready to take the next giant leap in their businesses and start selling online.

How Lena Forrey utilizes Webvizio

Most clients are small business owners, so they are not the most tech-savvy people and need a lot of help with the digital part of it, and that’s where Lena Forrey comes into play. 

Before Webvizio Lena was using another project tool for comments and edits and loved it at first, but then it started getting glitchy, comments were disappearing and it didn’t conquer responsive design well. So she started her search for a better solution that will also be easy to understand and use even for the non tech-savvy clients.

 Webvizio, she says, was easy for the customers to use, even with their not-very-advanced tech skills. Lena admits she is a tough buyer and often cancels purchased tools if they don’t do everything she wants them to do, so she was very surprised when Webvizio ticked all the boxes.

“The best feature Webvizio has is its responsiveness. That has been an ace in the hole! This feature alone has saved me endless time!”

Lena Forrey

Webvizio Benefits 

The main Webvizio benefit for Lena is how much time it saves and how much easier it makes her work by stable performance, quick friendly interface, and viewer’s device detalization, which help recreate issues and fix bugs much faster.

Lena is especially enjoying the Webvizio’s responsive design features, and knowing exactly the type of browser, operation system, and screen resolution each viewer and commenter is using, thus being able to adjust the pages accordingly and recreate issues to fix. 

That alone, says Lena, has saved her and the team hours and hours trying to figure out and recreate the situation the customer has experienced.

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of out-of-the-box features and I can’t wait to see them improving and becoming even more phenomenal,” says Lena.

Key Takeaways for Lena Forrey

  • Saved about 50 hours per project
  • A product serving well both the dev team and the low-tech customers
  • A platform with stable performance, unlike some competitors
  • Easy to recreate bugs with high detalization, including viewers’ browser & device data

“Webvizio has saved me SO much time and I love to see how it keeps improving & getting even more phenomenal!”