Jira Integration

3 min
Oct 20, 2023

Introducing Webvizio and Jira Integration

Jira Software is a powerful project management tool, designed to help users plan, track, and release world-class software. On the other hand, Webvizio is a dynamic collaboration and productivity tool that enables teams to visualize, organize, and collaborate on web projects and other collateral materials like images and PDF documents in an interactive and user-friendly interface.
In this article, you can learn how to seamlessly integrate Webvizio and Jira to enhance your team productivity and complete your web tasks faster.

Integration Setup

To connect your Webvizio account with Jira, go to the Integrations page in your account settings https://app.webvizio.com/settings/integrations and click the Add Integration button in the Jira block.

Connect Webvizio and Jira in one click

In the pop-up window, click on the Log in to Jira button.

Webvizio x Jira Integration Popup Window

In the authorization window, select the Jira site you want to connect to Webvizio and click the Accept button.

Webvizio and Jira authorization window

After connecting, you can select the Jira project that will be used by default when transferring tasks from Webvizio projects to Jira.

If you have added new projects or changed current projects in your Jira account, you can update the projects by clicking on the update icon.

Change project in Jira x Webvizio

To start sending data from a Webvizio project to Jira, go to the Project Settings and click the Integrations tab, then enable Jira integration for the project.

Connect Jira and Webvizio project

After enabling the integration, you can select the Jira project to which data will be sent in the integration settings. If the project is not selected, the data will be sent to the default project specified in the general integration settings.

After enabling the integration in the project settings, it is fully ready for use, all new tasks and comments in this project will be automatically sent to Jira. If you do not want to send a specific task to Jira, you can uncheck the Jira integration in the task integration settings.

Webvizio tasks integration with 3rd party software

Data Fields

Jira data fields are configurable, so you need to consider some field configurations to transfer all data from Webvizio correctly.

1 Issue types

In Jira, the primary instance is called an Issue, which can have different types. By default, to create a task in Jira, Webvizio creates the Issue with type Tasks. This type is assigned by default. If you do not have this type in Jira, Webvizio will choose any other type of Issue available in this project.


If you’ve recently made changes to issue types in Jira, it’s important that you refresh the Jira projects in your Webvizio account settings to ensure that everything is up to date.

2 Fields

Webvizio’s default data will be automatically transferred to the specified fields in Jira

Jira FieldWebvizio data description
descriptionTask description
reporterTask author
due dateDeadlines/due dates
assigneeTask assignee

If any of the fields are not available for the type of task used on the project, the data of this field will not be transferred.


If you’ve recently made changes to fields in Jira, it’s important that you refresh the Jira projects in your Webvizio account settings.

3 Issue statuses

Webvizio sends the following corresponding statuses into Jira:

Open➡️To do
In progress➡️In progress

If you’ve recently made updated any issue statuses in Jira, it’s important that you refresh the Jira projects in your Webvizio account settings.

4 Users

When you create a new task or assign an existing one to someone in Webvizio, the system will automatically search for the corresponding user’s email in your Jira account.

To ensure that task creators and assignees are accurately transferred to Jira, it’s important that the team emails in your Jira account match those in Webvizio.