Zapier Integration

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Jul 11, 2023

What Is Zapier & How You Can Utilize it with Webvizio

Zapier is an amazing no-code automation tool that seamlessly integrates various web apps, platforms, and communication channels into automated workflows. It may feel like magic, but the mechanic behind it is pretty simple: when something happens on one platform, it triggers an action or notification on another. 

This saves you time on repetitive manual tasks and ensures everyone stays updated, even if collaborators prefer different platforms for task management.

How To Integrate Webvizio with Zapier

Note: In order to set up and utilize this integration, you need to have your accounts created and set up with both Webvizio and Zapier! Also, you need to be an Admin/ Owner of both accounts. This and other Integrations are available for all Webvizio paid plans.

To start the integration setup, just follow this simple step-by-step guide.

When starting from your Webvizio dashboard:

  1. Locate the Integrations tab on the Account Settings page
  2. Find Zapier and proceed to Settings ⚙️
  3. Follow the link at the popup window that will transfer you to the Zapier dashboard, then proceed with all the steps below 👇
Webvizio Settings Zapier Integration

When starting from your Zapier dashboard:

  1. Click “Create Zap” in the top left-hand corner
  2. Search for the Webvizio App in the Search bar
  3. Select a Trigger Event to initiate the workflow 
Create a new Webvizio Zap

A Trigger Event is an event or change on the Webvizio platform, that you want Zapier to track, and, act upon, initiating a new outgoing workflow with a selected target action on another app or platform.

Zapier event - New task in Webvizio

For example, when a new task is created in Webvizio, Zapier can initiate a workflow to perform actions or send notifications on external platforms. In this example, a New Task in Webvizio is the Trigger Event.

The possible Trigger Event options in Webvizio are: 

  • Delete comment  
  • Delete project
  • Delete task
  • New comment
  • New project
  • New task
  • Update project
  • Update task

Note: If you want to use the integration the other way around, and get incoming updates or notifications in your Webvizio dashboard, triggered by events in other apps or platforms, choose the desired App and its Trigger event in this step, instead of Webvizio!

  1. Choose a Webvizio account you want to use for this workflow or connect a new one
Connect Webvizio with Zapier Account
  1. Allow Zapier access to your Webvizio account.
    To do that, simply follow the link in the popup window
Connect new Webvizio account Zapier
  1. Generate your unique API key token at the popup Webvizio window, copy and paste it back into the Zapier form
Generate Webvizio token for Zapier Integration
  1. Run a test to check your trigger. 
    To do that, go to your Webvizio account and perform a new action selected as the trigger event in step #2
Test Webvizio trigger in Zapier
  1. Select an App and a target Action you want to be performed when triggered by Webvizio.
    Select the tool or app you want Webvizio to integrate with, and the select a Target Action to define what you want it to do when triggered by an event within Webvizio.
Webvizio tasks - send message in Slack

For example, you can send a new task created in Webvizio as a message to a Slack channel. In this example, a Send Channel Message in Slack is the Target Action.

Note: If you want to use the integration the other way around, and get incoming updates or notifications in your Webvizio dashboard, triggered by events in other apps or platforms, choose Webvizio and set its Trigger Action in this step, instead of 3d party apps!

  1. Choose an account you want to use for the App you want to be triggered by Webvizio
  2. Customize the details of the new card to be added, such as board, list, name, description, and label
Webvizio tasks - customize message text in Zapier

Note: You can also select to automatically pull task details from the original task details into the message field in Zapier, for example, task number, task description, tasks deadline, attached files and video recordings link, etc.
In addition, you have the option to include direct links to specific projects or tasks by utilizing unique identifiers such as Project UUID or Task ID, for example:

    • Project link: https://app.webvizio/projects/[Project UUID]/show

    • Task link: https://app.webvizio/projects/[Project UUID]/show?task=[Task ID]

  1.  Assign a name and folder to the created workflow (Zap) and publish it. 
    You can also save it as a template to reuse later.
Need help with Zapier?

For more details and technical support, please head over to The Zapier Support page at:

Embrace the power of Zapier Integration and unlock a world of seamless automation for your Webvizio projects. It’s time to work smarter, not harder!

If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated team is here to help. 

Happy integrating!