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Jan 08, 2022

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The Starter Plan is priced at $35 per month (or $28 per month if billed annually) and includes up to 10 projects, 5 users, additional users at $7 per user per month (or $5.6 per month if billed annually), and a maximum attachment size of 25 MB per file.

The Advanced Plan costs $95 per month (or $76 per month if billed annually) and supports up to 100 projects, 20 users, additional users at $4.75 per user per month (or $3.8 per month if billed annually), and a maximum attachment size of 100 MB per file.

The Enterprise Plan features custom pricing, unlimited projects, custom user limits, free additional users, and a maximum attachment size of 1,000 MB per file.

To learn more about these plans and see a detailed comparison, visit our Pricing Page.

Upgrade Your Account

Upgrade from 14-Day Trial

Unlock the full potential of Webvizio with our free 14-day trial! During your trial period, you can explore all the features and functionalities of the Advanced Plan. This is the perfect opportunity to see how Webvizio can enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration.

You can see the remaining trial time on the left. Click on the counter to learn about available plan upgrades.

Upgrade Anytime: Have you found the plan that fits your needs perfectly? You can upgrade to any of our paid plans at any moment during your trial with just a few clicks. Simply go to your Account Settings, select the Subscription tab, and choose the plan that’s right for you. Upgrading is seamless and instant, allowing you to continue working without interruption.

No Commitment Necessary: If you decide not to upgrade by the end of the 14-day trial, no worries! Your account will automatically be downgraded to our Free plan. This basic plan includes essential features and is ideal for very small teams. You’ll still have access to essential functionalities, though with some limitations compared to our paid plans.

What You Get with the Free Plan:

  • Projects: Manage one project
  • Users: Collaborate with a small team
  • Tasks and Comments: Unlimited tasks and comments
  • File Management: Limited attachment size

The Free plan is perfect for freelancers or very small teams that need basic project management tools.

Upgrade from Free Plan

After reaching a new level of collaboration using the Free plan, you might consider getting more capabilities. You can upgrade to our premium Starter, Advanced, or Enterprise subscriptions to unlock more users, advanced features, and enhanced collaboration capabilities!

To upgrade your account, go to Account Settings -> Subscription, and click Upgrade, Add more Seats, or Add more Projects.

Upgrade Webvizio Subscription: In the popup window, choose your desired plan (Starter, Advanced, or Enterprise) and click Upgrade.

Number of Seats

When upgrading to the Starter or Advanced plan, you’ll need to select the number of seats according to your team size. By default, the Starter plan includes up to 5 user seats, while the Advanced plan includes up to 20 user seats. Additional seats can be added as needed at an extra per-seat cost.

Note: You need to purchase seats for users in the Owner, Project Manager, and Assignee roles only. Viewer and Guest roles do not require paid seats. If you want to decrease your team size before upgrading, either remove users you don’t want to pay for or downgrade their roles.

Enterprise Plan: This plan has no limit on the number of users. This is especially useful for larger teams, external contributors, and stage-by-stage customer approvals.

Adding or Reducing Seats

Starter & Advanced Plans: Adjust the number of paid seats by going to Account Settings -> Subscription -> Change Team Size.

  • Reducing Seats: Enter the number of seats you need and press Confirm. Ensure the number of seats matches the actual paid user count to avoid extra charges.
  • Increasing Seats: Select the required number of seats and press Purchase. Additional charges for newly added seats will be prorated based on the days remaining in the billing period.

If there are insufficient funds on the linked card during an upgrade or adding new users, multiple attempts will be made to process the payment. If all attempts fail, access to the upgraded features will be reduced back to the original number of users.

Payment Details

Webvizio accepts most credit cards. Enter your card details, specify billing information, and click Purchase. Payments are processed immediately.

Good Idea: Consider signing up for annual billing to save 20% compared to monthly billing!

Manage Your Subscription

After upgrading, manage your subscription in the Subscriptions section of Account Settings. Only Account Owners can access Subscription and Billing settings.

Your card will be automatically charged on the first day of every billing period unless you cancel your subscription.

Payment window

Your card will be automatically charged on the first day of every billing period unless you cancel your subscription. 

Changing payment method 

You can change your payment method or update your credit card information on file at any moment in the Payment Settings by clicking Update next to Payment method. 

Payment Failure

If a scheduled payment fails, we will attempt to process it:

  1. On the scheduled charge day
  2. 24 hours after the first attempt
  3. 36 hours after the second attempt

You will receive an email notification upon each attempt. After three unsuccessful attempts, access to paid features will be reduced, and only the last three projects with recent activity will remain accessible. Data on blocked projects is guaranteed for 30 days, after which it may be deleted.

To avoid this, update your payment information in advance and follow notifications on the Webvizio dashboard and emails.

Reactivate Your Subscription

Please note that we can only guarantee to keep your data on blocked projects if you reactivate the paid plan within 30 days from the date when the account was downgraded due to the failed payment.

When you reactivate your subscription within 30 days, all your projects will be restored to their pre-deactivation state, except for the projects that were active after deactivation.

Please note that activation only happens after a successful charge of the credit card linked to the account. In case of account reactivation, the first card charge includes:

  1. The payment for the Unpaid balance is the period from the moment of the first unsuccessful payment attempt to the moment of the account downgrade. The charge is made per the number of full days, based on the monthly billing system, and is calculated per the number of paid seats at the time of the first charge attempt.
  2. The payment for a new subscription is based on the number of paid seats and the selected billing period.

Please note that in this case, еhe billing period date will be reset to the reactivation date.

For more details, please read our Understanding Your Billing article.

Upgrade Today!

Upgrading to the Advanced or Enterprise plan will empower your team with advanced tools and support. Choose the plan that fits your needs and start boosting your productivity today.

To get started with Starter or upgrade to Advanced, click here.

For Enterprise,talk to us.

Discover the full potential of Webvizio. Upgrade now and take your team’s productivity to the next level!