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Understanding Your Billing

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You can enjoy Webvizio for free or opt-in for the unlimited paid plan when you are ready to grow your team and need to boost your productivity. Webvizio billing is based on a yearly or monthly subscription model. This article will explain how it works and how you can manage your account payments.

Billing Basics

Webvizio offers a choice of two plans – Free Forever and Unlimited (paid plan).

Account owners can also choose between two types of billing cycles: monthly or yearly.

Unlimited plan subscriptions are priced at $10 per user seat per month when billed monthly, and $8 per user seat per month when billed annually.

Helpful Hint

The FREE FOREVER plan is selected by default upon signing up, so you can enjoy your free Webvizio until you are ready to grow your team and upgrade to a paid plan.

Unlimited Seats

When choosing the Unlimited plan, the account owner can preselect the number of seats needed for each user in his team. The seats include account Owner, Project Manager/s, and regular users – Assignees. Don’t count Viewer and Guest seats – they are on us, you don’t need to pay for them! 😉

When a new user is added in the Unlimited plan, the seat is added automatically. When users are deleted, all those seats remain in the account. The account owner can invite new users to the vacated seats at no additional cost. If you are not planning on adding new users to the team, you can reduce the number of seats in the account. In this case, in the next billing period the payment will be calculated from the number of seats at the beginning of the new billing period.

Understanding Billing

Let’s imagine you as an account owner decided to switch to the Unlimited plan. Before the checkout, you indicate that there will be 5 users in the account team except you. In this case, the cost of your paid subscription will be $60 (6 seats * $10 each) per month + taxes. Or, 6 users * $8 *12 months  = $ 576 + taxes when billed yearly, meaning you are actually saving 20%.

If you decided to add or remove users during your billing cycle, the cost of the subscription will be recalculated:

  1. With a monthly billing model, the cost will be recalculated based on the remaining days of the billing period. For example, the billing period started on January 1st. A new paid user was added on January 15th. The payment on January 15 for the remaining 16 days will be $ 5.34. At the beginning of the next billing period on February 1, the payment will be recalculated based on the new seats amount, so it will now be $70 + taxes. 

    If a user was deleted before the beginning of the next billing period, for example January 20, the difference between the paid days until the end of the billing period is not refunded automatically. To start paying for fewer users from the next billing period, you should manually reduce the number of seats in the account. If a user was added a day before the start of a new billing period, we do not charge a fee.
  1. With a yearly billing model, the cost will be recalculated based on the remaining days of the billing period. For example, the billing period began on January 1, 2021. The cost of an annual subscription for 1 user is $96. A new user was added on January 16, 2021. In this case, the calculation for a new user will be made according to the formula $96/365 * 350 (days remaining until the next recruiting period) = $92.05. Your subscription renewal date will not change (January 1, 2022).

Change Your Billing Cycle

You can change your billing cycle only for the next billing period.

Canceling Subscription

The account owner can cancel the Unlimited plan subscription at any time by clicking Cancel Subscription in the Subscription tab in the settings menu. After canceling your subscription, your Active Seats subscription will remain in effect until the end of your paid billing period. The prepaid period is non-refundable. If a user is added after the subscription is canceled, the amount per user will be charged until the end of the billing period.

After the end of the billing period, the account is transferred to a free subscription, all projects are blocked except for the last three projects with the most recent users’ activities. 

If you still have questions regarding payment please contact us billing@webvizio.com