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How To Leave Feedback On Web Design Like a Pro – Website Review 101

Webvizio Team
Apr 19, 2022
7 min

Revisions, reviews, and feedback are the most important tools for creating a good UI/UX of a website. Without a clear picture of what the client asks of you, a digital marketing team simply cannot produce a result that satisfies the bigger picture.

If you’re a part of a digital marketing team, you must know that almost every project every day goes through a routine cycle of revisions and feedback for web design. 

And while these may seem insignificant in the short run, cumulatively, a very large amount of time and motivation can be lost in the team resulting in a decline in office productivity and efficiency.

That is unless you use the right website review and web design feedback tools and complete revisions on projects like a PRO!

Interested? Read below to find out more!

How Important Website Design Feedback Is

Here is how much importance web design elements have for commercial clients and their customers:

Overall Web Design94% of users’ first impression
Smooth Shopping UX89% of users switch to websites with good eCommerce UX
Mobile FriendlinessPreferred option for 74% of users
Better than the competitor’s web design73% of businesses desire when approaching a digital team
Slow loading speedOverall loss for businesses: $2.6 billion/year!

Website design of a company, or the UI/UX, is one of the most important tools for marketing in the digital world. 

According to a Stanford study, 75% of visitors agreed that they make decisions and judgments about a business’s credibility based solely on their website’s design.

The data show how important website design is to clients, so if you’re a designer or a digital marketer and wondered why many clients were extremely pushy and persistent when it came to web design, you have the answer now.

Consequently, with the importance of website designs, designers and digital teams are pushed to their extents to create a perfect UI/UX for their clients.

This involves a large amount of repetitive feedback, revisions, web QA, and website reviews.

Now let’s see how these factors can be dealt with in the most efficient and productive manner when dealing with clients.

Website Review Like A Pro With Webvizio

Webvizio, the ultimate tool for every need of a digital marketer, handful equips clients and teams to have a shared live website review platform where feedback, reviews, web QAs, and revisions can take place in a proper manner. This not only helps designers view the feedback digitally but also marks the exact elements that require changes, using Webvizio’s website annotation tool.

6 Keys Of Feedback – How To Review Web Design Like A PRO!

How To Review Web Design Like A PRO

Before jumping in on how to leave feedback easily and proficiently on Webvizio’s website annotation tool, it’s vital to understand how to leave quality feedback to a designer.

Here are some key factors you should always take into account when dealing with web feedback and reviews.


Before providing the designers with feedback for the UI/UX, even if that includes everything to be changed from scratch, always craft up a list to ensure your feedback is relevant and concise.

Too much fluff will only lead to demotivation and confusion in the designer’s mind, leading to poor quality of work and late submissions.

Build Trust And A Good Understanding In The Team

The most experienced designers can feel uneasy about difficult feedback. This is why every digital marketing leader needs to ensure that the working environment and motivation strategies are in place.

Make sure that your team knows that revisions, reviews, and critics, are a normal routine part of their work.. It is not a reason to get demotivated. In fact hefty reviews should be expected from the client on every submission.


Always encourage honesty in website reviews and feedback,whether with designers or a client. 

In the initial meetings with the client, make sure you make them understand that your team works as a powerhouse on the honest feedback. Quality only comes only from honesty. And make sure the client knows that your team does not deal with revisions as demotivators to ensure the client never feels uncomfortable about their views.

Similarly, always ask your team to be honest when given revisions. If there is the feedback that they find confusing or wrong, they should be motivated to talk about it freely.

Ask Before Dictating

Even if you have a clear picture of what revisions you need on, for instance, a graphical cover photo on the website, instead of saying it out loud to the designer upfront, it is better to get their review first.

It helps bring up understanding between the client and the employees, ensuring smooth work between them in the future.

So, for instance, instead of saying ‘the cover photo needs to be bigger on the webpage’, try asking ‘what do you think of the cover photo’s size. Do you think it would look better if it’s bigger?’.

This doesn’t mean that your opinion is undermined by the expertise of the designer. No matter what the designer replies with, you will ultimately tell them to enlarge the cover photo. However, getting a better understanding of the designer can help greatly.

Design Audit

Precautionary factor: Before each assignment or review, make sure that you have a good understanding of the client’s website’s design audit.

This will bring up a theme of the graphical elements that would likely satisfy the client and lead to fewer needs for revisions.

Using A Visual Web Design Feedback Tool

Lastly,  but most importantly, use a web design feedback tool. One equipped with advanced technologies ensures seamless work between parties and visually provides 2-way feedback.

So, in short: get Webvizio.

Now that you know how to give amazing feedback and how to review web designs let’s get into how Webvizio helps.

Webvizio – The Ultimate Website Design Feedback Tool That You Need

Webvizio brings comfort to digital marketing teams by equipping them with the best tools for website design feedback, web QA, a shared live website review platform, and much more.

Basically, what happens in a digital team when they use Webvizio is all the employees get access to a shared platform where an annotation website is created – the one that needs UI/UX improvements.

The client can share their feedback and reviews on this annotation website by clicking different elements of the website and assigning notes to the designers.

This helps team leads visually see what the problem is and easily share it between the employees, assigning different responsibilities to different employees, with different priority levels and different explanatory notes.

Upon completion of the assignments from the designers, the team leaders and clients can be automatically notified, to which they can provide more website feedback and reviews, which repeats the cycle.

As a tester, why not use our website yourself? It’s FREE!

Register now and try creating an annotation website of any website that you know, and see how it works smoothly, requiring little to no effort, and how fun it can be to work with teams on a shared platform!

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