How to Create and Manage Folders

4 min
Mar 03, 2023

A custom folder feature allows you to group & organize your different Webvizio projects into different folders, with custom names, and colors, to have quick access to the related projects from the same tab on the dashboard.

This feature allows:

  • Group multiple projects in one folder by topic, customer, or any other related theme for quick navigation from the dashboard
  • Create your own custom labels and color-coding
  • Share folders with contributors to provide access to multiple projects at once
  • The same project can be included in multiple folders, so you can create custom combinations.

1. General functionality

The folder includes the following fields:

  • Name
  • Color – (User selects a color from a predefined set)
  • List of projects in a folder
  • List of users to whom the folder is available

2. Creating a custom folder

Creating a new folder is carried out through a pop-up on the dashboard by clicking on the Create folder button. 

  1. Click on the yellow “Create folder” button on the left side of your dashboard.
  2. Type in a name for your new folder
  3. Click on the grey square on the right to change the folder color
  4. Choose all the projects you want to add to the new folder and tick their boxes in the list

Each project can be added to multiple folders at the same time, so you can create your own custom combinations and group them by customer, topic, team, or any other way.


Folder creation is available for users with a role higher than Viewer (Assignee, Project Manager, Account Owner)

Create custom folder in Webvizio

3. Adding projects to a new folder

There are three ways to add projects to a folder:

  1. Create a new folder and select projects you want to include from the list
  2. Go to the existing folder settings and select from the list to add new or remove current projects from folder

Go to your project menu through your main dashboard and find Move To to get a list of folders you can add the project to:

If you use multiple Webvizio accounts, only projects that belong to the same account in which the folder was created can be added to it.


One project can be added to several folders, when deleting a project from a folder, the project itself is not deleted, but simply excluded from the folder.

4.  Sharing a folder & folder settings

Folder sharing is done through the list of users on the folder settings page. Only the creator of the folder can edit folder settings, and manage projects and users to whom the folder is available.

Sharing a folder is very simple:

  1. Find the folder you want to share in your folders list on the dashboard
  2. Next to the folder you want to share –  find the Edit folder button ⚙️ 
  3. Once entered the folder settings, go to the third tab, saying “Share”
  4. Search for the user you want to share the folder with from the list or type in their name

When sharing a folder with other users, they automatically receive the assignee or viewer role (If the user has the role of a viewer at the account level) in all projects that are added to the folder, even if they were initially inaccessible to them. When new projects are added to a folder, all users who have access to the folder also automatically get access to the new projects.


If you deny access to a folder for specific users, they will still retain access to projects that were added to the folder at the time the folder was available.

6. Deleting a folder

To delete a folder, enter the Folder settings and click the “Delete Folder” button below. 

Deleting a folder may vary, depending on whether the user who deletes the folder is the creator of the folder or if it was shared by someone else.

6.1 Deleting by the folder creator

When deleting a folder, it is deleted from the creator and from all users for whom it was available. Deleting a folder does not affect projects, all projects that were added to the folder remain unchanged.

6.2 Deleting by users with shared access

When deleting a folder, the folder is deleted only for a specific user. For all other users, the folder is still available.

Delete custom folder in Webvizio