Create a Webvizio Account

1 min
Oct 05, 2021

Before you start is a website feedback tool, website review software and bug reporting tool that allows managers and teams to collaborate on website revisions in real time. 

Collaborating on your website projects has never been easier: Assign tasks, comment, and collaborate with your team and clients on live and dev sites, visually highlight issues for your team and pin any web element, piece of copy, or bug to work on.  

Anyone can sign up and use Webvizio for free. You can join as an individual or as a team (the free version has some limitations on how many active users can join for free).

Sign up via email

You can sign up for a Webvizio account just in a few clicks.

  1. Head to
  2. Click the Sign Up tab 
  3. Enter your email address 
  4. Create a unique password. Don’t forget to save your password in a safe place!
  5. Click the button to complete the registration process. You will be logged into the Webvizio account immediately.

Voila! Welcome to your Dashboard!

Helpful Hint.

Introduce yourself to your future team.

In order for your team to recognize you and assign you tasks and roles on the project, you might want to fill in your actual name in the profile settings, otherwise it will just show your email address by default.