Create Your First Project

3 min
Oct 05, 2021

Webvizio is a platform that allows clients, managers, and dev teams to leave visual feedback and effectively collaborate on web development projects by literally leaving visual feedback on any live website element or an image, both on desktop and mobile.

What types of web projects can I create?

Once you login into Webvizio Dashboard, you can create two different types of projects:

  1. You can create a URL-based project by typing in any URL into the address bar
  2. You can create a screenshot (image) of any webpage by inserting a page URL into the address bar
  3. You can create an image-based project by uploading files from your computer’s library (JPG/PNG/PDF/PSD files supported).

Website projects

Whichever web page you and your team might be working on, you can effectively communicate with your team about it, leave visual feedback and assign tasks and action items for it with Webvizio. All you need to do is copy the URL of ANY live web page and paste it into the box on the Webvizio project creation page. As soon as you do this, Webvizio is scanning the chosen web page and creates a new project with it’s visual copy as your working canvas, which allows you to pin notes and comments for your team on the exact place or element of the page, that requires their attention.

Let’s see how it works step by step:

  1. Enter a website URL into URL field
  2. Click button. If you have more than one account — choose the account you want to add this project to, and click
  3. Your new web project will appear on your dashboard
  4. Click on the page preview block which appeared on your dashboard, or click the Open project button to start working on the project.

Pages Screenshots

In some cases, full page screenshot can be a very helpful addition to a web project communications. Webvizio allows you to make a full-size page screenshot by entering a page URL as a part of your project, and collaborate on those types of files the same way as you would do with web or image files.

  1. Enter a website/page URL into URL field
  2. Activate Screenshot mode by clicking icon next to the Add button. The icon will be highlighted in blue color 
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Webvizio will generate a screenshot of a page based on page URL. 

Please note that Webvizio can generate screenshots only for published and publicly open web pages. This option will not work with sites or pages that require additional authorization.  

Image/PDF/PSD projects

In addition to live web pages, Webvizio also allows you to upload images, PDFs, and PSDs files from your computer’s and you can also reorder pages, delete them, or add more to an existing project.

  1. Click image icon in URL field
  2. Chose an image file from your computer
  3. Click buttons
  4. Your web project canva will appear on your dashboard
  5.  Click on the page preview block which appeared on your dashboard, or click the Open project button.

Please note that the images you can add as Webvizio projects should be in JPG; PNG; PDF or PSD formats only and within 2Mb per file in a free version, or 25Mb per file in a paid version in size.

Helpful Hint

You can always change the name of your project in the Project settings.

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