Create and Manage Tasks

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Oct 05, 2021

Collaboration on website development can be a hassle, especially when multiple people and tools are involved:

  • What exactly did you mean by “that square”?
  • Which one of the images was she referring to?
  • Why don’t I see that “bug” you are talking about?

To avoid this and stay on the same page, Webvizio allows you to pin tasks and comments directly on the page elements you are referring to.

Create a task

Once you enter your project, you can create your first task. Simply choose any web element and click anywhere to create a task.

Once you click on any website element, you will see a task window, where you can enter a task name, task description, and task priority.

  1. Click on the tab to change the priority. 
  2. Click on the field “Title” to create a task name. This field is mandatory for creating a task. 
  3. Click on the field “Description” to create an extended description for the task. For your convenience, you can use an embedded text editor to format the text.  Click to activate the text editor.
  4. To add an user responsible to task execution click on the next to icon. 
  5. You can mention any user in a task description field by start typing “@” or click on the icon at the bottom of the task panel. 
  6. If you need to support your task with any additional document, you can attach any file by clicking on “+Add file”, and choose a file from your computer. 

👉Note: You need to invite other members of your team to your account, to be able to assign a task, or mention any user in a task. Not all users can create tasks! Visit this article to learn more about user roles and permissions.

Once you are done with a task creation, click the button.

Tasks mode vs browse mode

Webvizio interface has two modes:

  1. Task mode. In the Task mode you can create and manage your tasks. Every time that you open your project, the Task Mode is set by default. Note, that all external links and active buttons are not active in the Task mode.
    To be able to browse a website as the regular user would do, switch to the Browse mode.
  2. Browse mode. For your convenience you can browse a website in a regular browse mode like you would do by using any web browser without leaving the Webvizio interface. By clicking on the active link in the Browser mode you can create a new tab and work with a new page in a separate tab.


You also can create a new page tab within the same project by clicking on Add user button next to the active tab:

Create a new tab in Webvizio project

Tasks panel

Once you create a task, this task will appear on the task panel on the left side of your screen.

You can expand or collapse the tasks panel by clicking element on the top of your website canvas.

Expand a task list in Webvizio project

Task panel is your place to oversee and manage everything related to the project’s tasks. Here you can:

  • See all tasks for the current project separated by 3 main statuses: (All open tasks), (All tasks currently marked as “work in progress”), & (Completed tasks)
  • Edit tasks
  • Delete tasks
  • Share with other users, assign and reassign tasks
  • Update or change task status
  • Add comments and/or attachments to tasks
  • Add standalone tasks
  • Manage tasks in bulk

Desktop, tablet, and mobile views

Webvizio is a single platform that allows clients, managers, and dev teams to leave visual feedback and effectively collaborate on web development projects both on desktop and mobile, so you can review and comment on web pages and images in a variety of most popular screen dimensions and formats.

To change a format, click on the Monitor icon on the top right corner of the page header (in both Task or Browse modes) and choose the format/screen size that you want to see your project in.

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