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Bug Reporting: How to Effectively Collaborate on Live Website Bugs (and Make Your QA Team Love You 💗)

Max Yankovsky Digital Manager
3 min
Apr 16, 2022

Quality assurance is vitally essential in the web development process as it allows to detect and fix web bugs right on the spot.

Alas, sharing website bugs with your web dev and web QA team is a tiring and elusive process if you don’t use bug reporting tools.

Lack of Collaboration Tools Ruins Your Web Development Process and Team Work

Lack of communication in web development process

We bet you’re tired of these phrases:

  • I can’t locate the website bug! Is it to the left of the banner or the right? Can you record your screen?
  • How should the new web design look then? Can you elaborate over a screenshot? Or maybe sketch it out in Photoshop?
  • Oh, I didn’t see your email with the new web copy. Can you dictate while we’re on call?

Don’t forget: Non-effective web development collaboration wastes your time and drains all of your efforts to build the website you want.

Do you remember how often you think, “it’s easier to fix it by myself than to explain it to my web dev team or web design agency”? 🤦‍♂️

The good news is that there are special bug reporting tools that would make your work easier and would make your QA team love you!

What Best Web Bug Reporting Tools Can Do

The best website reporting tool

First of all, bug reporting tools are not clunky and ponderous apps that require tens of hours to cope with. Oof! 😅

Modern bug reporting tools create a copy of a page you want when you type its address. Then you are able to share it, comment on it, assign tasks, and tag assignees from your web development, web design, or web QA team.

Under one platform, you’ll have web development tasks with all necessary details and task assignees, convenient excess-free communication channel, status bar, and bug logs.

Nothing complicated but look how it reduces the turnover of communications:

A new way to report on website bugs

Bottom line: Bug reporting tools are web QA tools that automate the whole web development collaboration process, allowing you to allocate resources properly and avoid unnecessary chats and meetings. Yay! 🤟

Why You Should Have a Look at Webvizio

Among web bug reporting tools, Webvizio is famous for broader access to third-party software integrations, including Trello, Jira, ClickUp, Asana, Slack, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

It allows you to automate and manage the web development and QA web design process and also facilitates website management and web maintenance in general.

Another obvious benefit is that Webvizio provides web page previews in all possible screen resolutions to make sure that your website looks perfect and has no web bugs on any device. Size matters!

Just have a look at how the same bug reporting task may look on different devices:

Crucial, isn’t it? 

Most Importantly

Webvizio does not make you pay for a pandora box. It’s precisely the opposite – you register for free and start using it for free without having any time-sensitive restrictions.

And only when your web development project gets bigger you would face a need to upgrade for better functionality. It includes unlimited web projects and unlimited managers seats, web project activity and bug logs, task deadlines, and a web dev team productivity dashboard.

Why not every software solution does offer that 😅

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Start your journey of effective web development and web QA now, for FREE: