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Workplace Communication and Why It Is Essential

Nikita Babkin
8 min
Jan 03, 2022

Communication is one of the most important, essential skills for a person to possess when working in a professional field. All business environments notwithstanding their surroundings are always in need of good communication skills. It is a vital skill, especially in the workplace, fundamental for success.

Probably, one of the most basic causes of problems in any business organization or workplace is due to an absence of communication or inaccurate information. Failure to communicate has drowned many men, causing a number of disputes at places of work.

Effective and constructive communication is not just putting out fires and settling disputes in an office. More importantly, it is also crucial for work client relations, team success, employee participation, prosperity, and profitability of any enterprise. 

Poor Communication and its Adverse Effects

404 error on mobile website appeared due to poor communication in team

In “ The Cost of Poor Communication”, it was reported by David Grossman that after a survey of 400 companies employing 100,000 workers, each and every company alluded to losing 62.4 million USD per company every year due to poor communication in the middle of employees.

Inadequate communication creates a gap between employees, who then are set apart from the goal of the project, what their role is in it and what they bring to it. Ineffectual communication makes it hard for employees to work as a team, cooperate with each other and succeed.

Good Idea

With advances in technology and management techniques, Webvizio initiates as the perfect communication tool for a digital marketing team. Providing an annotation website that could be shared in real time with all the employees, communication barriers and costs are kept at minimal.

Feedback and Task Management Tool

A task management tool, like Webvizio, is used by people whether they work alone, as a team, or in an organization for help in the completion of projects in a more systematic manner by arranging and ranking tasks related to it priority-wise.

Feedback and task management tools come in many different configurations such as online annotation tools, annotation website or online project management tools etc. Feedback and task management tools use website reviews and feedback reviews to help people to a great extent by:

  • Working quickly and efficiently to save money
  • Helping in staying organized
  • By ensuring that teams and individuals are used appropriately and efficiently
  • Meeting deadlines

Issues created by Broken Communication and How Feedback & Task Management Tools can help fix them


Following are a few of the many problems created by poor and broken communication along with how feedback and task management tools can help overcome them.

Assumptions and Presumptions

Communication failures frequently happen due to the fact that it is something we take for granted. Project managers or leaders presume that efficient communication is prevailing because the project teams and workers take part in meetings and conferences, are communicating through emails etc.

Whereas the true reality is that communication breaks happen in many different spots. The workers lack clarity and a real sense of direction, they are running all over the place to understand the broader view of things which disrupts progress and leads to a downfall in production.

By using feedback and task management tools, team members can update each other leaving website reviews and website annotations. The project manager will also have an overview of whatever is going on with the project, leaving no room for assumptions.

When team members are cooperating and communicating, there will be no room for any kind of hindrance or obstacle in the way of success.

Webvizio Pro Tip

Efficient planning is the most important aspect of starting a project. Webvizio helps web developers create projects not only in a smooth way, but also in a transparent and effective way that helps all employees understand to the extent of what needs to be done.

Efficient planning is the most important aspect of starting a project. Webvizio helps web developers create projects not only in a smooth way, but also in a transparent and effective way that helps all employees understand to the extent of what needs to be done.

Management Problems

The majority of failed projects are caused by inefficient management and leadership out of which almost all are due to broken communication. Meetings, focus groups, interviews etc. are dependent on direct communication from the project manager and other contributors.

Inefficient management caused by broken communication leads to shortages in resources, damaged relations with stakeholders, ineffective solutions unrelated to the objectives and more.

Feedback and task management tools can help manage and arrange workloads. They use website reviews and website feedback to find out what needs to be done and in what order of priority. This fixes the problem of inefficient management and will greatly reduce any chance of a mistake.


Team members collaboration during website development

Collaboration is unachievable without effective communication between the team members. From direct, clear-cut assignments to any queries, analysis, problem-solving and much more, efficient communication is a necessity for success.

Collaboration is extremely dependent on business upon team members who actively listen and are willing to compromise and open to new plans and designs while being respectful as well.

Chart based on employees rates of the importance of collaboration during website development
  • About 75% of employees rate collaboration as ‘extremely important
  • 39% of employees believe people in their workplace don’t collaborate enough
  • 33% of employees believe collaboration enables them to be more loyal
  • 37% believe working with a great team is their primary reason to stay

Feedback and task management tools drive collaboration between employees. Using online annotation tools, website feedbacks and website reviews, the team members have a better understanding of what needs to be concluded. New designs and ideas are communicated efficiently and effectively.

Webvizio Pro Tip

Web Development Process is mostly done with teams collaborating simultaneously or where work is passed through chronological order. Webvizio helps these teams by sharing the project amongst employees where project managers can outline tasks and assign them to employees on a share annotation website.

Missed Deadlines

When there is not a proper and effective line of communication, oftentimes deadlines are missed. The lack of communication leads to wrong information being passed around and creates inconsistencies which results in angry consumers and damaged relations with stakeholders.

When using a feedback and task management system, the team members work more efficiently and in sync resulting in deadlines being met on and sometimes ahead of time.

Efficient communication is the foundation of any business and work environment. When there is a breakdown in communication, there’s a breakdown in business too.
By going through website feedback and making use of online annotation tools, communication in the workplace becomes very easy and uncomplicated.


To make sure work is completed when needed, Webvizio enables project managers to not only create tasks using an online annotation tool but also add deadlines and priority labels to them. This helps employees know what they need to do and when they need to be completed with it.

Proper use of resources and technology

Electronic mails, IM etc are faceless, nameless paths. There is an estimation that out of approximately 205.6 billion emails sent all over the world, online a-third of them are actually received. On average, about 25% of employees at a workplace have the opinion that emails are big productivity downers.

The present labor force is overtly on the move, they’re thrown all across the world and are often-times working remotely. Consumers and individuals are exasperated by the current platforms that are needed to reach out to workers.

People have a habit of baulking at communicating when it takes place on a device or platform that is out of their comfort zones.

Feedback and task management tools such as annotation websites, online annotation tools are very user-friendly and innovative. They use website reviews and website feedback to increase production and efficiency by implementing just the right amount of resources and the right kind of technology needed for a task resulting in a better business.

Absence of proper feedback

Feedback is very crucial for the development of a project. It gives us the information about any obstacles hindering progress that are needed to better and further the project as it is being built up from zero. Oftentimes, employees have difficulty in conversing with their boss or supervisor. It can be because of an issue between them or because they’re scared of harsh actions by the top boss. It could also be that no one can reach the boss or that he is inaccessible. This creates a huge issue particularly when the ongoing problem has a direct influence over the project.

Feedback and task management tools are amazing due to the fact that they allow a greater range of vision on projects. This allows everyone to be involved in the project, and they achieve a certain insightfulness on the skills and experience that is being brought in by the project.

Old and Outdated Procedures

A thing to be kept in mind is that procedures are made for people, not vice versa. There is no need for old and outdated processes to be followed which just hinders communication and causes breakdowns in business. In most circumstances, procedures are just decayed, matured documents kept in the storage. The majority of the individuals are not even aware of them and those that are consider it to be inconvenient and burdensome. They try to avoid going through these and stay far away from them.

On the other hand, not having the correct procedures in place leads to bewilderment and chaos in the workplace among team members. Everyone comes up with their own way of doing a task and this just ends up creating a big mess that does more harm than good.

Feedback and task management tools use various methods to better the quality of work. By using online annotation tools, annotation websites, website reviews, feedback reviews, quality is never compromised for the sake of upping the tempo of production.

Webvizio allows you to set tasks and comment on website design elements

Tasks and assignments are properly handled and organized, and all the feedback availed is correctly utilized. With recurring notifications from the tools to keep all the information available and compatible with other applications, there will be no bother about a file not opening because the extension is outdated, or even worse, putting down the whole system to update it.

Feedback and task management tools are extremely useful and efficient resources for team projects, however, they can also be put to use by individuals working on their own.

Feedback and task management tools assist employees, clients etc whoever is using it, finish work in a more intelligent manner, more work gets done in a shorter period of time compared to before, which leads to the betterment of the business with more success and profit.

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