Task tracking in web development

5 Ways to Track Tasks in the Web Development Process

Webvizio Team
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Jan 10, 2022

Web development processes are extensive, tedious, and generally require inputs from multiple people where collaborative efforts are key to a refined product.

However, this isn’t an easy task to perform without the proper tools. Experts of digital marketing teams, working with years of experience, all state that the smallest of website review tasks generally require more than one person’s effort, and to keep efficiency and productivity at maximum, clear communication and a smooth flow of information is necessary.

Why Proper Task Tracking Is The Most Important Aspect Of A Web Development Process

Web Development involves the whole spectrum of website building, optimization, redesign etc.

Whether you’re doing it solo or with a team, almost all projects have an extensive framework you need to follow.

This means there will be many tasks to complete, maybe in a set of orders, an order of priority, or maybe a cycle. In any way, task tracking is needed to ensure that everything goes right, takes minimal time, and is done most efficiently.

Working Solo

If you’re a freelancer or manage your project, you’re probably working solo. While on paper, task management may seem easy like this because it’s only you, task tracking is still a significant tool you need to have in line with your tasks.

Working solo, you don’t have other people to rely on. Unlike with a web development team, there is no one to remind you what you need to do if you forget.

Another important degree is layers of authority. Contrary to working with a team, you’re responsible for not only planning the tasks, but also working on them, approving them, and publishing them. That brings a lot on your plate.

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With an online annotation tool like Webvizio, dedicatedly made for web development, solo workers can easily layer and categorize their tasks. This includes creating a chronological order of doing tasks, setting priorities, choosing deadlines, and a lot more using an annotation website!

Working With A Web Development Team

With a Web Development team at hand, websites can be furnished more efficiently. More people can bring better inputs and ideas to work and a single task can be divided between multiple people for hasty work.

However, this needs significant planning beforehand.

Managing a big group of individuals requires setting things straight first, choosing the assignment of tasks between various people, creating a smooth and clear flow of communication between employees, setting individual deadlines, providing constant website feedback, designating approving authorities, website review, and more.

Only with proper task tracking in the web development process can a team achieve creating a state-of-the-art product in minimal time, productively, and efficiently.

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Webvizio is the all in one solution to managing web development tasks in a team. Our online annotation tool is dedicated to team projects and offers a live sharing platform between employees. Teams can smoothly assign and delegate tasks simply by pointing it out on an annotation website’s UI, sharing it with the concerned employee, providing live website feedback, and much more!

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5 Best Task Tracking Tips In A Web Development Process

Efficiency breeds from proper planning.

Good management needs to highlight the two main aspects of the web development process: Planning and Control.

Proficient task tracking follows planning the defined tasks and then controlling the subsequent operations.

Here are the 5 best ways you can track your tasks in a web development process to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

1.     Achieving A Headstart With Proper Planning

The first step to task tracking is to set things in order. In a web development process, this would refer to breaking down the task at hand and planning the course of proceedings.

According to a survey conducted by PMI Pulse of the Professions with executive leaders, a lack of clear goals is the most common factor, 37%, for project failures and inefficiency.

 If you’re working solo, it is important to note down all the aspects of a project, whether your own or the clients’. Then, dividing the tasks into the operations needed. This way, you can create a funnel or a flowchart that hits everything desired in an organized manner.

For team projects, planning would include sitting down with your team and then creating this framework. This will involve asking for inputs from everyone on how the tasks at hand can be flown through the department in the most efficient manner.

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Webvizio helps you achieve a headstart when it comes to task tracking projects of web development. Our user-friendly interface of the online annotation tool creates the creation of projects easy, offering a wide range of options to managers to divide projects between the team, time, and costs. Notes can be viewed relating to each project on the front end of the dashboard to keep you reminded of everything!

2.    Assigning Tasks Between Team Members And Tracking Individual Performance

When working with a team of experts in web development, tasks need to be divided between individuals and a flow of communication should be made between those employees.

This can be done by creating a channel based on the chronological order of the task, i.e. from web developer to graphic designer to content writer to graphic designer etc.

Web Development Team Tasks Assignment for Web Development Process
Project Architect Planning the building structure
UI/UX Designer Planning the building structure
Web Developer 1 Backend coding
Web Developer 2 Performance Optimization
Graphic Designer Drawing Logos
Content Writer Web Content

Or the task can be completed simultaneously with each individual playing their role at the same time.

Either way, the task at hand can be tracked through individual performance.

With assignments to different employees, blocks can be recognized on which employee is halting the process. 

Another benefit of task tracking through employees is also to recognize good performing employees and delegate tasks. This can help free up the project manager’s time and efforts to focus on other things that need more attention.

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Webvizio creates an online live sharing platform for web development team projects that can help project managers easily view and track tasks in real-time for website review. Assignment of tasks can be done in just a couple of clicks using an annotation website and the performance of individual employees can be viewed transparently.

3.    The Kanban Method


The Kanban Method is a traditional method still used in this day and age for project management of all types. Currently, it is one of the most used software development practices worldwide at 13%.

In a web development process, the Kanban method advises you to divide the task process into three categories: To do tasks, Ongoing tasks, and Done tasks.

This helps project managers keep track of task completion with an overview of how much the accumulated task is completed.

The categories can be further analyzed by tracking and recognizing blocks in tasks.

This also helps in reporting client’s on the progress of completion for the tasks they needed.

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Webvizio helps divide the layers of tasks and acknowledge the team at hand on all the three categories of Kanban to track tasks smoothly and transparently.

4.    Setting Deadlines For Tasks

When dividing tasks and allocating them between employees, it is important for task tracking to create deadlines and set a goal on when the task needs to be completed.

This helps get layers of a web development process to be organized and ensures a smooth flow of work in team setups that depend on each other’s work completion.

Even in this modern and hasty age, only 29% of projects are completed on time, according to a Wellingtone study.

Webvizio Pro Tip

Webvizio helps project managers set deadlines to tasks and share them between employees online using an annotation website. This helps not only the current employee of responsibility to know when to get work done, but the subsequent employee to know when they’re going to receive work from the previous person.

5.    Live Website Feedback and Revisions

When reaching the completion of a project, a web development process typically always deals with revising work based on feedback from the approving authorities.

Not only should project management be able to smoothly perform that, but it is also important to track feedback between parties and the progress of revisions for a proficient website review.

Revising content, easier than ever. Simply click and add comments and suggestions on a live website and acknowledge your employees with feedback and revisions using Webvizio live website feedback.

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