How to Organize, Sort & Filter Tasks with Tags

2 min
Jan 06, 2024

Ever felt overwhelmed by endless lists of tasks, craving organization? We’ve been there. So, we fixed it for you!

Meet our new custom Tags, the ultimate tool to sort and streamline your tasks! 

Custom Tags are a simple way to organize tasks by adding additional custom labels. With custom tags, you not only get an extra layer of information at a glance, but you also have more advanced filtering and search capabilities right at the tip of your fingers! 

Adding tags to your task

In Webvizio, a pre-created set of tags is available to you. To add tags to a task, enter any task card, locate the tag icon at the bottom, click on the tag icon, and then select the necessary tags in the pop-up window.


Use Tags for quick task categorization, filtering, and searching by priority, status, team, project, or other criteria. Easily view task statuses like ” Requires changes”, “Ready for review”, or “Approved by the customer”, and filter out only what’s relevant for you at the moment.

Customizing & editing tags

To change the tag name, just click on the tag name in the tag management window or click on the tag edit icon Edit button that is displayed when you hover the mouse cursor over the tag. To save changes after editing the tag name, press the enter key or click anywhere outside the tag.

Restoring the default tag name

To restore the original (default) name of a tag, just move the mouse over the tag in the tag management window and click on the reset icon to restore the default name (which is the color name).

Removing tags

To remove a tag from a task, you can use the tag management window by simply unchecking the checkbox next to the desired tag. You can also quickly delete a tag by clicking on the delete icon, which is displayed when you hover over a tag in the task editing window.

Searching and filtering tasks by tags

To filter tasks by certain tags, go to the tags tab in the filter selection window. Filtering by tags works similarly to other filters, just check the necessary tags and click the Apply button.