How to Add Video Recording to Tasks or Comments

3 min
Sep 19, 2022

What is a Video Feedback Tool?

Video feedback is a great way to help you assign tasks clearly, get your point across and make sure your team sees what you see. The video feedback tool is a simple way to create quick bug videos or leave video comments as you scroll through a site or review a new design.

We decided to try adding a video commenting feature to the Webvizio web annotation software to simplify web reviews even more and offer an additional way to quickly provide your team with clear and visual feedback.

At the moment the Video Feedback feature is still in the beta-test stage, and we use technology, provided by our partner

How To Use a Video Annotation Tool?

You can finally make your feedback and tasks as clear as ever by recording the screencast videos to attach to your comments and tasks, or filming yourself speaking and commenting on the web page or a design draft.

Add a video to any task to show your team the design flaws or bugs in dynamic and make sure they see exactly what you see. 

Choose the whole screen, a particular part of the screen of one of your open tabs and start recording the page and the user flow.

☝️Important note: The video feedback feature currently only supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera browsers, & other Chromium engine-based browsers. Find the full list here.

How to Add a Video Recording to Tasks and Comments?

To add a video comment or video feedback, just click anywhere at the page where you want to add a new comment, type your comment and find the camera symbol below the text box.

1. Click on the video recording icon and select Add video

How to add a video recording to your Webvizio task

2. Set up the camera and microphone: you can choose different settings, as well as enable/disable the devices necessary for recording. After setting up the camera and microphone, press the REC button to start recording a video.

3. Choose the area you want to allow to be recorded, from the full screen recording to particular browser tabs.

Webvizio Recordings - Recording settings
Webvizio Recordings - share the screen

4. Control the video recording process through a special widget at the bottom of the screen. With this widget, you can start, pause, end or cancel the recording.

Webvizio Recordings - control panel

5. Click “Stop” or “Pause” buttons to stop the video recording

6. When a new video is recorded, it will be automatically added to the video list. You can play the video by clicking on it’s name in the list.

Webvizio Recordings - preview and attached a screen recording to a task

Can I Use the Video Feedback Tool In Any Browser?

At the moment, the video review feature is only available in browsers based on the Chromium engine. Check the full list of compatible browsers here.

If your browser is not in the list, you will not see the Add video link or video icon when creating a new issue/comment at this point. 
You can still view videos recorded by other users in any browser without any limitations.

We may be adding more supported browsers in the future.