How to Utilize Kanban Boards to Manage Your Tasks

2 min
Sep 28, 2023

In this guide, you’ll discover how to use Kanban Boards to efficiently organize your Webvizio tasks.

1. How to View and Manage a Board Project

Webvizio has introduced a new task management mode called “Board” to provide users with an alternative way of working with your tasks within your web or image-based projects

To switch to this mode, simply click on the “Board” button in the project header within the mode switcher.

Webvizio Kandan board mode

In Board Mode, you’ll have access to a convenient interface that displays all project tasks as cards on a single screen, also known as Kanban view. The task management principles in this mode are similar to the regular view. The available task operations in Board Mode can be found at the top of the screen.

Webvizio Kandan board control panel

All filters, sorting options, and group actions are applied to all tasks simultaneously. 

Creating Tasks

To create a new task in Board Mode, click on the “+ New Task” button at the top of the screen.

Creating task in Board mode

When creating a task in Board Mode, it is not linked to specific pages or tabs within the project. When you open the task in regular mode, the project mode will automatically switch to Board Mode.

Changing Task Status 

In Board Mode, you can change the status of a task with a simple drag-and-drop. 

Simply drag and drop the task card into the relevant column — “Open”, “In progress”, or “Done” to update its status.

2. How to Create Standalone Board Projects

With Webvizio’s new Board Mode, you can not only streamline your task management process within Webvizio projects but also create standalone boards that allow tracking of any tasks.

To create a new standalone Board project

  1. Click on the “New Board” button in the upper right corner of your dashboard
  2. Name your new board project in the pop-up window and, if necessary, upload a screenshot of the project. (optional)
  3. Click on the Create Board button.
Create a new standalone board project

Keep in mind that once you create a standalone board, it’s not possible to switch it to a web or image-based project or create tasks on canvas.