Slack and Email Notifications Setup

3 min
Jun 06, 2024

Here, you can learn how to manage your Webvizio notifications, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

The notification settings functionality and Slack integration are available on all plans, starting from the Starter plan. Now, you have more ways to keep track of important project developments, ensuring timely responses and efficient task management.

Key Points:

  1. Notification Settings for Projects
  2. Email Notifications Management
  3. Slack Integration

Project Notifications Setup

In Webvizio, you can customize notifications for each project individually to make sure you are in the loop but not overwhelmed. That’s why all notification settings are situated within each project and not your account in general.

To access the notifications page, go to the project settings by selecting the Settings option in the Dashboard menu.

Alternatively, you can click the settings icon in the project header.

Then, go to the Notifications tab.

Setting Up Email Notifications

Manage your inbox effectively by enabling or disabling email notifications with a single click. This feature helps you avoid email overload while still receiving essential updates.
Email notifications can be easily enabled or disabled in one click, simply toggle the email notification switch.

When email notifications are disabled, all notifications related to tasks and comments within projects will not be sent via email. However, notifications related to user invitations to the project will still be sent.

Slack Integration

Integrate Webvizio with Slack

Enhance team communication by integrating Webvizio with Slack. Receive project notifications directly in your Slack channels, keeping everyone updated in real-time.

To connect Slack integration, go to the project notification settings page and click the Connect button.

In the pop-up window, click the Log in to Slack button.

Select the Slack channel you wish to use, where notifications will be sent and click the Allow button.

Configuring Slack Notifications

After connecting Slack integration, you can select which notifications Webvizio can send to Slack.

Currently, there are 4 available notification types:

  • New tasks
  • New comments
  • Task status changes
  • Task deadline reminders

Customize Slack notifications to suit your workflow needs. Select the desired notifications and click the Save button.

Changing Connection or Disconnecting Integration

If you want to change the Slack channel or connect to a different account, click the Change connection button in the Slack integration settings pop-up. To completely disconnect Slack integration for this project, click the Disconnect button.

Integrating Slack ensures that your team stays connected and informed, reducing the risk of missed updates and enhancing overall productivity.

Optimize your notification settings now!