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Webvizio for Web Agencies: How to Successfully Utilize Website Feedback Tools for a Quick Turnaround?

Rashi Jaitly
5 min
Dec 08, 2022

Feedbacks are agency’s biggest nightmare; dozens of frustrated emails, frantically annotated screenshots, and unapplied changes all make this process longer. 

Don’t worry; we have all been there. Giving feedback is a crucial task that cannot be avoided. But you can always streamline it to make the process simpler and more accessible. 

Most times, the problem lies in how feedback is given. Using emails and screenshots is outdated and insufficient. That’s why agencies are now switching to website feedback software to identify and limit barriers to conversations and make the collaborative process frictionless. 

At Webvizio, we have collaborated with some of the finest agencies using the platform to review web design, report bugs, and keep track of changes. This has reduced their website review time to half and increased their bandwidth to take on more work. 

This blog will help you understand how agencies can use a website feedback tool to collaborate and mark changes, ending the vicious cycle of never-ending edits. 

What is a website feedback tool?

A website feedback tool is dedicated software that helps designers, agency owners, and project managers mark design changes directly on any live website or digital asset. 

Previously, this process was done over calls, emails, or screenshots, which was quite exhausting and time-sensitive for both parties. Designers had problems understanding what the client wanted, and agency people couldn’t communicate their thought processes well. 

Both parties are on the same platform through a website feedback tool, assigning tasks, commenting on changes, and collaborating with third parties without leaving the platform. You can work on multiple projects and web pages simultaneously and not lose clarity on what clients want. 

How to utilize Webvizio for design feedback?

Now, let’s see how you can use Webvizio as your website feedback tool to give feedback to your designers. You can sign up on Webvizio by creating your login and password or via your Gmail account. Once done, you can start creating your projects and adding team members. 

Webvizio offers the following features that you can utilize in your feedback process-

  1. Review live websites and digital assets all in one place 

With Webvizio, you can review live websites, static images, screenshots, PDFs, and PSD files under one roof. Enter the URLs or download projects from local files to start the annoying changes. You can create and manage unlimited projects simultaneously in your Webvizio dashboard. 

Live site review
  1. Add video feedback

As much as text-based suggestions work great for giving feedback to your web designers, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of video feedback. These work well when project managers or senior designers want to give detailed feedback on changes they want to see in the web project. 

Webvizio Video Feedback GIF

After you have created your project in Webvizio, start the review process by adding comments. Here, you will find a camera button that you can click to start recording your video feedback. You can adjust whether you want to record yourself, the screen, or both. 

Webvizio lets you add unlimited video comments and talk in-depth about your feedback without fear of wasting time.

  1. Conduct bug tracking to deliver the error-free website 

No matter how carefully you design your website, it’s common to have some undiscovered bugs. Bug tracking is a time-consuming process that takes hours of tracking and dozens of screenshots to communicate. Here, you can use Webvizio bug tracking to find bugs and make sure that half of your websites are perfect.

Mark visual feedback right on the website, assign members to teams, and set deadlines to get things done more quickly. You can identify bugs on each page for different desktop, tablet, and mobile resolutions. Webvizio also lets you turn your screen from vertical to horizontal so you can see how your designs look from every angle. 

  1. Assign tasks, set priorities and deadlines 

Task tracking is quite simple in Webvizio. All comments made on the projects are automatically converted into task cards available on your dashboard. Here, you can add information about the changes, create deadlines, tag people, and set priorities. The task card will include browser info, a task screenshot, a file attached, and the task details. 

Website task tracking

To handle a lot of tasks at once, you can sort comments by assignee, priority, and date in alphabetical order or search for keywords that best describe the task. You can also put all of your visual feedback in one place by integrating your favorite project management tools like Trello, ClickUp, Jira, Asana, and others. 

See Rampiq uses Webvizio for web design feedback

Rampiq is a digital marketing agency serving B2B and SaaS clients. As part of the services they offer, Rampiq builds prototypes of websites and often works with client teams to make changes to the design of website pages. They wanted to find new ways and tools to improve how they build and design websites on the inside.

Rampiq put its team of digital marketing experts and managers on the Webvizio platform and started working with its clients on the first projects. They asked client representatives and contractors from other agencies to work together on projects like updating websites and designing new sections.

In just a few days, they realized a whopping 25% of the time was saved on communication between the client and the design teams since they started using Webvizio to manage the website design changes for their clients. The time spent on bug tracking also decreased by 75%. Rampiq was extremely happy and satisfied with Webvizio and left us some great feedback-

“Webvizio offers a very intuitive way to mark up comments and ask questions of both the client and the designer. What’s also really important is that the quick turnaround time for our projects didn’t negatively affect the delivery quality. We had slight concerns about how the integration of a new tool could hamper our performance levels, but that never happened. Webvizio is really easy to utilize.”

If you are also an agency looking for a comprehensive website feedback solution to save feedback time, encourage quick turnarounds, and build stronger relationships with clients and designers, then Webvizio is all you need.