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What is Video Feedback and How Can You Utilize it in Your Web Design Projects?

Dan Ponomarenko CEO
6 min
Sep 30, 2022

The editing process in web design is the most crucial part of turning your vision into reality. As much as text-based suggestions work great for giving feedback to your web designers, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of video feedback. 

Video feedback adds a human element to your feedback process. Often, words might come out as rude and cold, affecting your relationship with your designer. 

This can add confusion when you work remotely and the designer doesn’t know your speaking tone and overall personality. 

We have worked on many web design projects with different web designers at Webvizio, and we think that nothing beats video feedback. 

So, recently we launched an exclusive video feedback feature on Webvizio to help our users send detailed feedback through videos without having to leave the platform. 

We will talk about the feature in detail, but before that, let’s discuss video feedback and how agencies and companies can utilize it to give feedback to their web designers. 

What is video feedback? 

website bugs video feedback

Video feedback is quite similar to textual feedback; the only difference is that the feedback is given through videos. These work well when project managers or senior designers want to give detailed feedback on changes they want to see in the web project. 

Compared to textual feedback, it’s easy to digest, understandable, and doesn’t take much time. You can create videos giving a walkthrough of the changes you want to see, especially if they include animations, multi-step interactions, or videos where changes are difficult to describe in written words. 

Video feedback helps designers get past the discomfort and understand the client’s expectations. It also cuts down on or gets rid of the back-and-forth between you and the designer, which speeds up the time it takes to finish the project.

Why does video feedback work better than regular feedback?

Regular feedback works well for small changes, but when you need to elaborate, such feedback has limited utility. Here are the benefits of using video feedback over regular feedback-

1. Video feedback creates relationships 

Many designers work remotely, and for them, you are merely a person on the other side of the screen making comments. No relationship is developed, and one snarky comment can make designers defensive. 

But, when you add video feedback, the designer forms a connection with you. They understand your expectations and the changes required and take your feedback positively. So, wherever you notice a lot to explain, always opt for video feedback. 

2. Giving critique a context 

Human brains are defensive; without context, they fail to interpret if they have done something wrong. Videos work excellently for intra-office communication. It helps humanize the editing process and gives context to added comments. 

Instead of adding vague comments like-

  • “Can we do something else?”
  • “The vibe isn’t correct.”
  • “Just see what we can do here.”
  • “Make it pop,” and more

Try making a video by telling your designer what you want and how you want the design to look. Right now, these comments are reactions, not actionable. Your feedback should include what the problem is and the possible solutions. Ask your designers to give suggestions to build a two-way relationship. 

3. Easy to digest

Videos are quite easy to digest. Textual feedback is open to interpretation, but videos are simple. As senior designers or project managers, video feedback takes less time than adding lengthy paragraphs. In Webvizio, you can create a video comment in less than a minute. Video feedback will allow you to walk through the concepts that are difficult to interpret through words. This is especially important when working with remote team members. 

How to put video feedback on your web design projects through Webvizio?

Now that you know what video feedback is and its benefits, it’s time to understand how you can utilize it through Webvizio. 

Webvizio is a great tool for reviewing and collaborating on websites. Web design agencies, marketing managers, QA specialists, senior web designers, and developers use it to give visual feedback on web projects. 

It has everything you want in your feedback tool, including adding visual feedback, assigning tasks, tagging people, tracking project progress, and collaborating efficiently with your team. 

Webvizio just released a new feature that lets you give feedback to your web designers through videos. 

Here is a four-step process to record your video feedback on Webvizio-

Step #1 Create or log into your Webvizio account and add your project. Webvizio allows you to add feedback on live websites and screenshots. So either add the URL of the website or upload a website screenshot in jpg, jpeg, png, psd, or pdf files. 

webvizio website feedback

Step #2 After you have created your project, start with the review process by adding comments. Just click where you want to add comments, and a drop box will appear. 

Step #3 You can tag people, add a title and description for the feedback, and upload a file from your device for better understanding (if needed). You will also see a camera button right next to the file upload icon to start recording a video. 

video feedback on live website

Step #4 Click here to start recording your feedback. You will see record-setting at the top right corner, where you can adjust whether you want to record yourself, the screen, or both. There is also an option to adjust the camera and microphones you can use. 

Stop sharing when the recording is done, and the video will automatically be uploaded to the feedback box. 

website design video feedback

Webvizio lets you add unlimited video comments and talk in-depth about your feedback without fearing going out of time. Want to know more on video feedback on Webvizio, click here. 

Wrapping up

Video feedback is an excellent way to convey emotions, give an elaborate walkthrough of the changes, and build a relationship with your designer. A balance of textual and video feedback would work well for agencies and businesses to remove the unnecessary back and forth. 

If you are looking for a video feedback tool, then Webvizio should be your ultimate option. Want to try Webvizio’s video feedback feature for free? Sign up here