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How Web Agency Tools Can Help You Get Better At Website Design And Bug Tracking

Webvizio Team
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Jan 21, 2022

Designing websites and helping them stay in optimal condition is a daily routine for digital marketers and web developers. A typical working day for them includes various clients asking them to either renovate or create their web design from scratch or when a client faces a bug and asks the experts at a web agency for help.

Both of these tasks typically require the effort of a whole department and not just a single employee. This is why web design teams need to use the right web agency tools when working on such projects.

If you’re a web designer or a project manager and belong to a web agency team, here’s how you and your team can get better at website design and bug tracking.

How To Get Better At Web Development

Web Development shares a big spectrum of work in the creation and renovation of websites. Typically, web development involves input from various roles, which is why most web agencies share tasks between employees.

Web design encompasses different duties of creation and repair and maintenance for websites. It sheds light on the different areas of a website including graphics, UI/UX, Coding, and SEO.

When working on web design, you need your team synced up and working proficiently. This means that you’re all coordinated, communication is smooth, and the work is done productively and effectively.

Planning The Web Design

To start things off right, you need to plan things right. This is the responsibility of a project manager, however, we’d advise you to always bring out all your employees and ask for their input as well.

For web development projects, it is essential to hear every employee out and conduct a meeting. Ask for ways on how things can be done better than the normal routine and ways you can prevent blocks and barriers in the work.

It’s important to have a planner in hand as well. Not a physical notepad. Digital work needs digital web agency tools. You need a specialized web design planner, such as Webvizio, to create a project and list out the things that need to be focused upon.

Plan Ahead With Webvizio

Webvizio helps project managers of web development teams plan and assign tasks on URL-based web pages. The Webvizio dashboard helps you create projects easily based on their URL. This creates an annotation website for that URL that you can use as a planner to point out the elements in the website you need to revise for. Each website element can be assigned to different employees and labeled with their respective priority of completion.

Smooth Communication Is Key


Team building statistics show effective communication can generate 4.5 times higher talent retention!

Web development projects need to be efficiently synced up between the employees they’re shared with. This isn’t done simply through means of verbal communication. As with planning, communication also needs a digital format.

The best way to ensure this is by using an online annotation tool on an annotation website. This can help the digital team be always aware of what is required by the other person, and the exact picture of the demand using visual feedback tools.

Webvizio – Your Best Bet

For smooth digital communication, you need a shared platform that provides live and real-time updates from different employees/clients. Webvizio helps digital teams work on annotation websites in real-time where the team members can be mentioned on different elements of a website with visual feedback as to what needs to be done.✅


Website Design Review

Once everything is done, project managers need to conduct an exhaustive review. This is important in every task related to Web Development.

If it’s a new UI, sample it out and note feedback using a good website design review tool. An SEO blog? Go through the keywords you planned to use. A bug fix? Run the website in different environments. Everything needs to be working perfectly.

This will generate feedback that you’ll need to work on. But there are other aspects that can also be viewed from a website review.

After a review, be sure to note down the things that didn’t go the way they were expected. This can be traced back to the employee(s) responsible for them. This helps you recognize blocks in work and increases the potential to work better the next time.

Another important thing to remember for website reviews is running them on different websites and screen resolutions. A website design review tool, such as Webvizio, can help with that.

If a page is working great on a laptop, it doesn’t always mean that it’s gonna be working the same way when viewed on a mobile phone.

Also, make sure all the feedback that needs additional work on the web design is visual. Digital teams need visual feedback when working on web design. It allows them to visually comprehend what the manager or client asks and makes the work less prone to errors.

Preview Changes Using Webvizio

Webvizio enables digital teams to not only work on URL-based pages but also help review changes on different platforms. Our online annotation tool helps you view a website through different resolutions and in desktop🖥️ and mobile views📱. This helps you ensure everything looks perfect and works perfect on every platform!

Try Webvizio now by registering online! Create a project using any URL and view the annotation website and all its elements right away!

Design Audits

When it comes to the graphics of the website, a great way to ensure things are running the preferred way is by conducting a Design Audit.

A design audit is reviewing all the graphic elements that are present on your website. Remember, the visual feedback of a website is the most attractive feature for a visitor. The most impactful branding is also done using visual tools. So you need to have a good strategy of what impression you need your website to pull off- and the right graphical elements to portray it.

To conduct a design audit, you need to pull out all the graphical elements you have on a website. This can be done using a website design review tool like Webvizio.

When all the elements are gathered in a single place, compare your graphical approach strategy with what you’re seeing on the screen. Is there a similarity in the designs? Are they all following the preferred theme? Are there places you found that look dry and can be enriched with more visuals?

Once you’ve gone through the checklist, revamp the graphical elements with the web design using visual feedback. Whatever needs to be added or changed in the graphics needs to be visually presented to the graphic designer.

The best way for visual feedback on web design is using an online annotation tool and pointing out the things that need to be considered by using an annotation website.

Getting Better At Bug Tracking


Bug tracking is a complicated task as is. For larger websites, it is even harder to track bugs. But without proper bug tracking, it is impossible to think of resolving the issues effectively.

Bug tracking needs expeditious resolutions. As soon as there’s something wrong with an option on a website, such as a search bar not working, you need your team readily available to work on it.

This requires two things: a good communication funnel and visual feedback.

Teams that communicate effectively can increase their productivity by 25%!

Most of the time, web developers are the ones responsible for fixing bugs. To get a bug resolved quickly, they need to be reported on a shared platform, preferably a web agency tool like Webvizio, that can swiftly bug report and assign the fixing task to the web developer to get right on the bug fix.

The most important tool for bug tracking would again be visual feedback. Here is where you’ll find the desired need to work on an annotation website. Annotation websites help bug tracking be extremely easy by enabling project managers to add notes on the visual elements of a website that need revision or fixes.

Bug Reporting With Webvizio

Bug Tracking Without WebvizioBug Tracking With Webvizio
1. Project Manager gets informed of a bug verbally, which may limit the actual scope of the problem1. Webvizio updates Project Managers on Bugs using Live Website Feedback Integrations
2. Manager calls, emails, or texts the web developer to fix it2. Project Managers sees the element that needs to be fixed on an annotation website and assigns it to the developer
3. Web developer has no visual feedback, priority update, or reverse feedback tools3. Web Developer is notified, understands the task visually, with additional notes or priorities set by the manager.
4. Web Developer fixes the bug on a computer which doesn’t ensure if it’s fixed for mobile devices4. After fixing the bug, the developer runs the annotation website on different resolutions to ensure everything’s perfect
5. Project Manager is informed using a call, text, or email, all of which are time-consuming and distracting means, bringing down productivity5. Developer marks the task as completed, automatically notifying the manager, along with reverse feedback if required.

Webvizio is a great web agency tool for bug tracking. Not only does it feature the option to create annotation websites to point bugs out, but also helps with visual feedback by allowing options of tasking on screenshots or mere images that feature a bug.

Never again will you have the web developer in your team be confused about what’s wrong. Can’t access the website? Simply share a screenshot or image and use that for efficient bug reporting with Webvizio.

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